Nap Ninja

Why: I came up with the idea for Nap Ninja when I found out about a sleep calculator known as I liked the idea a lot, but the lack of design bothered me. Wanting to explore more design I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to see what I could do.

Goals: Interactivity, a night time theme and a day time theme, time relative.

Results: After dozens of iterations and countless hours I finally buckled down on this design. The slider covered the goal of interactivity which also helped with the night and day time themes. I achieved the time relative goal by setting the position of the slider and the input values relative to the users current time, and rounding up to the nearest 15 minute mark.

Nap Ninja
Nap Ninja Day
Nap Ninja Day Results
Nap Ninja Day How it Works
Nap Ninja Night
Nap Ninja Night Results
Nap Ninja Night How it Works
Nap Ninja Mobile

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